Aug. 2007 (Europe)
EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) Awards

"European In Car Innovation 2007-2008"

  • ? Digital Media Receiver : iDA-X001

"European In Car Audio Head Unit 2007-2008"

  • ? CD/MP3/WMA/AAC Receiver : CDA-9887R

Two Alpine head units—the iDA-X001 and CDA-9887R—received "EISA Awards" in August 2007.

The prestigious EISA Awards are given to the best electronic audio/video/image devices sold during the year in a variety of categories—selected and judged by the Europe Imaging and Sound Association (EISA), which is made up of 50 different special-interest audio, home theater and mobile electronics magazines in 18 different European countries.

“European In Car Innovation 2007-2008”
Digital Media Receiver : iDA-X001

With its stylish face plate, high resolution display and ergonomic controls, Alpine’s iDA-X001 provides a glimpse of what a head unit might evolve into in the near future. Though it lacks its own disc drive, the iDA-X001 is optimised to connect with all portable sources of digital media, via iPod® direct connection, USB or Bluetooth®. Inside the unit are found the highest quality components, including a 24bit D/A converter that can be fully controlled with a wide range of options. The iDA-X001 is a highly innovative and courageous development from Alpine – as its model number suggests, it’s the first in a new generation of in car products!

“European In Car Audio Head Unit 2007-2008”
CD/MP3/WMA/AAC Receiver : CDA-9887R

CDA-9887R is a technologically advanced, well featured, high quality but affordable audio head-unit. Its Advanced Audyssey MultEQ XT equalizer, with 500 correction points and IMPRINT technology, can optimize sound reproduction to specific vehicle listening environments much more precisely than has been possible before. It includes a 24bit DAC, digital 6-channel time correction and adjustable 2- or 3-way crossover; and parameters can either be adjusted automatically or fine-tuned manually. Other features include full-speed iPod® and Bluetooth® connections, 4 Volt preamp outputs and a Biolite display. The Alpine CDA-9887R is an excellent way to get the best possible sound in any system without spending a fortune.


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