July 2008 (Japan)
Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun Car Accessory Award 2008

"2008 Grand Prize"

  • ?Rear Vision TMX-R1500/R1100

In July 2008, at the Car Accessory Award 2008 held by the publication Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun, Alpine’s Rear Vision TMX-R1500/R1100 received the Grand Prize?the top award at the event.

At this event, seven division prizes and the Grand Prize were awarded to auto equipment by overall judgments of not only the sales of each product, but of the superiority of its ideas and planning, power of its impact on the market and so on, based on a questionnaire survey of auto equipment stores.

Alpine’s Rear Vision TMX-R1500/1100 was supported by users who appreciated that it is available with many attachment kits specialized for mini-vans, making it easy to install. It can also be attached so that it appears just as if it were an original OEM component, matching the vehicle interior. All these features were given high praise for contributing to sales promotion at many stores, earning it the Grand Prize.




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