Jan. 2010 (Japan)
2009 Car Goods of the Year

  • ? TOPVIEW® multi-camera

The TOPVIEW® multi-camera, which went on sale in Japan in October 2009, was awarded “2009 Car Goods of The Year” by the popular publication, Car Magazine. The winner of this award is selected from among new products introduced to the market during 2009 based on a questionnaire survey of Car Magazine readers and on a survey of critics/writers.

The TOPVIEW® multi-camera is a Drive-Assist product which allows drivers to check on the overall situation around their cars, eliminating blind spots by enabling a real birds-eye-view image. This is the first real birds-eye-view image display technology on the market. High evaluations of its innovativeness and high-level imaging technology earned it this award.

Thanks to the simple design, the product does not compromise the external appearance of the automobile, and it can be installed discretely, appearing just like an original part of each automobile, using special installation kits designed for each auto model. The TOPVIEW® multi-camera was also selected for this award because of its design quality and installation ease/performance, which eliminates any user resistance to installing the product.

TOPVIEW® multi-camera

TOPVIEW® multi-camera


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