Event Info

Apr.19 - May 2, 2010

Beijing Motor Show 2010 (China)

AVN integrated product demo board

Model-specific AVN mounted on a Toyota Camry

TOPVIEW® multi-camera demo car, Toyota Alphard

The Beijing Motor Show 2010 was held in Beijing, China, and was centered on the theme “For a Greener Tomorrow”. About 2,100 corporations and groups from 16 countries and regions exhibited, and the venue was lined with approximately 990 display cars.

At the Alpine Booth, three demo-cars were exhibited. These were a Toyota Alphard equipped with the TOPVIEW® multi-camera, the OEM head unit/speaker equipped Toyota Camry, and a BMW523Li demo car used to demonstrate one of our high-quality sound systems, attracting the attention of many visitors.
The demo board displayed new 2010 products, introducing not only car-mounted models, but marine use models. The TOPVIEW® multi-camera was not only shown on the demo car, but was also featured in a corner of the demo board as a reference exhibit, appealing to visitors with its advanced drive assist technology.
The Chinese original AVN which was designed and manufactured entirely by Alpine China was exhibited. Alpine China was able to present the high level of its own technology.


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