Event Info

Apr.23 - May 2, 2012

Beijing Motor Show 2012 (China)

Stylish booth design with white theme

BMW X1 demo car equipped with the PXA-H800 sound processor

Mitsuoka Orochi demo car featuring an advanced system built around the ICS-X8

The Beijing Motor Show 2012 was held in Beijing, China, which has become the center of world attention in recent years. The show is a global event in a rapidly growing market, and the venue, where fully 120 cars had their world premier, was crowded with visitors from the very first day.

At the Alpine Booth located in the luxury auto brand zone, Alpine showed off its brand presence and high-quality, high-performance models. Our new product, the ICS-X, which features MirrorLink, an application for linking with Nokia's Smartphones, and sophisticated sound systems including the PXA-H800, which turns the interior of a car into a top class acoustic space, were on display. These and other showcased products earned Alpine great praise for its superior advanced technologies.

Five different demo cars graced the Alpine booth. In addition to three models from Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd. -the Orochi, Himiko and Galue- a BMW X1 and Mercedes-Benz Smart also shared the spotlight. Mitsuoka's Orochi demo car was equipped with a system including the ICS-X8 as its core, while the BMW X1 demo car was equipped with a top class acoustic system for premium sound, giving the many visitors who came every day the chance to experience the comfortable in-car entertainment environment which Alpine makes possible.


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