Event Info

Sep.20 - 30, 2012

Indonesia International Motor Show 2012 (Indonesia)

Hand-on experience of the demo installations for each AVNCD theme

MirrorLink™ compatible ICS-X8, which attracted visitors' attention

Toyota Vellfire Demo Car shows off the beautiful installation of Perfect Fit.

The Indonesia International Motor Show 2012 was held in Jakarta in Indonesia. Exhibiting companies showed off many of their newest most popular models, as the event attracted approximately 350,000 visitors to the venue.

At the Alpine Booth, under the theme AVNCD (Audio, Visual, Navigation, Communication, and Drive-assist), visitors were able to get full, hands-on experience with the products and appreciate their advantages and attractiveness.

The ICS-X8, which has previously attracted attention as a MirrorLink™ compatible product, was exhibited jointly with Samsung Galaxy SⅢ, which could be linked thanks to a version upgrade, and was highly praised as a convenient smartphone link.

Also, the INE-S920E, an advanced navigation system developed specifically for easy use and understandability, was also exhibited. Visitors could experience the intuitiveness of the unit and its compatibility with drag-and-drop operations, the convenient icon registration that matches to the driver’s use patterns, and the My Favorite screen which permits layout customizing, as well as other superior functions.

Finally, a Toyota Vellfire demo car exhibited the INE-Z928E equipped with the first 8-inch large screen in the Alpine Asia Pacific region. On top of superior operability thanks to its large icons and the broader display of the maps, its appeal also included beautiful installation possible with the Perfect Fit Kits developed separately for each console.


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