Event Info

Apr. 20 - 29, 2014

2014 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition(China)

Audio Q5 demo car equipped with the CD head unit, the CDx-A08.

Benz G55 demo car equipped with the AST-X100CT, an Android OS AVN system.

Benz ML350 demo car equipped with the PXA-H800 audio processor.

The 2014 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition was held in Beijing, China for 9 days from April 20 to April 29, 2014.
The venue was busy daily, as a record 850,000 people attended the event. More than 2,000 manufacturers exhibited at the show. They displayed 1,134 automobiles, with the world premiere of 118 automobiles announced.

Alpine displayed the Alpine Brand and its newest products and technologies with “Alpine Premium” as its booth concept. Visitors got an unprecedented glimpse into the enjoyable future of car life, seeing China’s first aftermarket 9-inch AVN System, the INA-W900C, and the PCU-HR250 equipped with a rear-seat plasmacluster ion generator.

Alpine also displayed three demo cars. They effectively communicated the attractiveness of Premium AVN to visitors. The Audi Q5 demo car was equipped with the CDx-A08, a CD head unit that improves sound quality, showing off Premium SUV Solutions. The Benz G55 demo car provided the experience of a Premium 3G demonstration with the Android OS AVN System, the AST-X100CT, was developed jointly with China Telecom, a wire-line telecommunication company. The Benz ML350 demo car was equipped with the PXA-H800 audio processor, which can maximize the sound quality of factory installed audio or AVN systems, showing the attractive features of the Premium 1.5-channel sound upgrade. The three demo cars equipped with these three new products were the most popular features of the Alpine Booth.

In addition, by scanning QR codes at the Alpine Booth, visitors referenced new product information and event information from the Alpine Weibo Account of the Chinese edition of Twitter’s Weibo, now the most popular in China. Visitors were fascinated by Alpine’s new innovative efforts.


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