Event Info

Oct. 29 – Nov. 8, 2015

Tokyo Motor Show 2015 (Japan)

ALPINE STYLE Premium Space Design stage bustling with visitors.

Model-dedicated BIG X Series device installed on an actual console.

When visitors selected a car model, the device rotated to allow them to touch and try.

Stage showing World of the Cockpit of the Near Future Proposed by Alpine.

The 44th Tokyo Motor show was held at Tokyo Big site for 11 days from October 29 - November 8, 2015.

This event was held under the theme “Your heart will race,” and a total of 160 companies from 11 countries exhibited 417 cars. The event attracted 815,000 visitors, which was 10% fewer than the previous year, but many people visited the site both on weekdays and on the weekends.

At the Alpine Booth, under the concept, “Driving Mobile Media Innovation,” stage presentations and exhibits were presented representing two themes: “ALPINE STYLE Premium Space Design,” which has already been deployed domestically, and “World of the Cockpit of the Near Future Proposed by Alpine.”

Under “ALPINE STYLE Premium Space Design,” in addition to a stage presentation of the BIG X Series—which immediately before this event had been awarded first place in customer satisfaction with market car navigation 2015 by J.D. Powers for the fourth consecutive year—the vehicle-specific car navigation system, BIG X Premium Series, was exhibited in installations on the consoles of six actual cars: Toyota’s Alphard, Vellfire, and Voxy ZS “KIRAMEKI”, Honda’s Odyssey and N-BOX Custom, and Nissan’s Serena.

In the two-car exhibition corner beside the stage, devices were installed allowing visitors to select a car model to see car navigation developed for the selected model, and also letting then touch and try Rearvision and other systems. These gave many visitors a hands-on experience of the attractive qualities of system solutions proposed by Alpine.

At the Alpine Booth, the stage was rotated every 30 minutes and the World of the Cockpit of the Near Future was elegantly introduced by images and models. Moreover, models seen in the images actually appeared on the stage, and through a story that progressed as the cockpit was operated, introduced customized functions suited to the tastes of drivers and passengers, line-of-sight recognition, operation by gesture, and other value-added functions for automobile cockpits during semi-automatic driving, proposed by Alpine. Every day, the stage was surrounded by excited crowds of visitors.


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