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Apr. 25 – May. 4, 2016

2016 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition(China)

Toyota Tundra demo car equipped with the ultimate sound systems.

Visitors were fascinated by the various exhibits.

The Jeep Wrangler demo car with its car-specific system was the center of visitor attention.

The 2016 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition was held in Beijing in China for 11 days from April 25 to May 4, 2016. This year it was held in two venues—the New Hall and the Old Hall of the China International Exhibition Center (CIEC). In the New Hall, passenger cars and commercial vehicles were primarily on display, while in the Old Hall, exhibits were focused on new energy vehicles reflecting the current environmental concerns. Exhibitors from more than 1,600 regions of 14 countries around the world exhibited 1,179 automobiles, including 112 world premiers. It was the world’s largest motor show and was visited by more than 815,000 people.

In the Alpine booth, with “Driving Mobile Media Innovation” as the central concept, the latest products were introduced under two themes: “Alpine Style,” developed for the Chinese market, and “Premium Sound System,” which reflected the superior sound offered by Alpine.

Within the “Alpine Style” zone was the Jeep Wrangler demo car—equipped with many sub-woofers connected to the X009-WRA, a car navigation system dedicated to the Wrangler. With its overwhelming heavy bass sound, large screen, and perfect matching of the system’s appearance to the car interior, this car navigation system attracted the interest of many visitors who visited the booth every day. And a display using actual automobile consoles to present five car-specific systems was crowded with guests listening eagerly to explanations given by Alpine staff.

In the “Premium Sound System” zone, visitors viewed panels explaining Alpine’s concept of sound, and actually experienced the sound in a Toyota Tundra demo car equipped with the car-specific X009-TND navigation system, along with the ultimate in-car sound component that is Alpine’s pride, the PHA-H800 sound processor.

Inside the booth, there were “Alpine Style” movies and a catwalk on which the booth assistants appeared one after another, as everyone from children to adults enjoyed watching them.


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