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Alpine Announces Management Changes

Tokyo, April 22, 2010—The Board of Directors of Alpine Electronics, Inc., at its meeting held on April 22, 2010, has decided a plan for changes to its management. These changes are subject to approval at the Shareholders Meeting scheduled to be held in late June 2010, and decision at the meeting of the Board of Directors to be held immediately thereafter.

Planned Changes in Representative Directors (as of late June 2009)
New Title
Current Title
Seizo Ishiguro
President & CEO
Toru Usami
President & CEO
Senior Managing Director

After the worldwide recession, Alpine pursued decisive actions for structural reform, and we recognize the positive effect from the activities. Nowadays, we are in the stage of a new start for future growth. Alpine will increase enterprise value as well as corporate performance by rejuvenation of top management with having two representative directors.

Profile and Career Summary of President to be newly appointed
 Toru Usami
Date of Birth
 May 15th ,1950
 Graduated from Tokyo Denki University
Business Experience
 Apr. 1974 Entered Alps Electric Co., Ltd
 Jul. 1991 Senior Manager of OEM International Marketing Dept.1
 Apr. 1997 President of Alpine Europe
 Jun. 2004 Director, President of Alpine America
 Jun. 2008 Managing Director, Deputy Head of Engineering and Development
 Jun. 2009 Senior Managing Director, Deputy Head of Engineering and Development
Company Shares Held

Chang es in Directors
1) Managing Directors to be newly appointed 
    Hirofumi Morioka
        Current title: Director, Production & Purchasing
2) Directors to be newly appointed
    Toshinori Kobayashi
        Current title: General Manager, OEM Marketing
    Koichi Endo
        Current title: Senior Manager, Deputy of Product Development
3) Directors to be retired
    Takumi Sato
        Current title: Managing Director, Marketing & Sales
    Toji Tanaka
        Current title: Managing Director, Finance, Accounting & Administration
    Kenji Igari
        Current title: Director, Core Development
4) Auditors to be newly appointed
    Full-time Statutory Auditor,Toji Tanaka
        Current title: Managing Director, Finance, Accounting & Administration
    Part-time Statutory Auditor,Taisuke Yonemori
        Current title: Attorney at Law, Yanagida & Partners
5) Auditors to be retired
    Yoshitake Masuda 
        Current title: Statutory Auditor
    Naotaka Okuyama 
        Current title: Statutory Auditor


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