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Alpine participates in the establishment of Non-Profit Organization
“Iwaki Environmental System”

The committee meeting of Iwaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry to which ALPINE ELECTRONICS, INC. belonged was held on January 25, and the establishment of non-profit organization "Iwaki environmental system" was approved.

"Iwaki environmental system" monitors doses of radiation in Fukushima Prefecture Iwaki City for wiping out the harmful rumor in the region caused by a East Japan Great Earthquake and the accident in the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, and makes the measured value public regularly to reduce anxiety from people in local area.
Moreover, knowhow is progressed to the region as each participating company promotes the monitor leader. The acquisition of basic knowledge is practiced, knowhow like the measurement of doses of radiation etc. is progressed to the region.

Kiyoshi Sakai (public relations in ALPINE ELECTRONICS,INC.) is assigned the position of the chief director of the "Iwaki environmental system".

Comment of chief director Kiyoshi Sakai:
It is important that each company including Alpine continues the business in Iwaki City, which I think is the most important contribution to Iwaki city. To support these companies and local area, this monitoring project is necessary for that.
I believe that the establishment of this non-profit organization deepens cooperation with the regional administration, and enables the revival of Iwaki City as early as possible through this project.

About "Iwaki environmental system
Foundation Date: April 1, 2012
Participating promoter: 20 Groups and Companies
Promoter representative: Iwaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Corporate representative: ALPINE ELECTRONICS,INC.

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