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Alpine Electronics Jumps Into Audio Headphone Market
Feel Your Music With Live Event Sensation

Tokyo, Japan. —October 14, 2014— Moving beyond premium in-car entertainment systems, Alpine Electronics launches Alpine Headphones and the accompanying Alpine Level Play iPhone App. Designed specifically for digital-native millennials and combining the company’s legacy spirit and strong heritage brand, Alpine Headphones enhance users’ senses to deliver the ambiance of a dance party, nightclub or live concert so users will not only hear, but feel their music.

By having this, Alpine aims to apply these features to in-vehicle infotainment system in the future.

“Breaking the paradigm of how playback is done, we are delivering the first headphones that deliver a real audio experience,” said Tom Yamasaki, President of Alpine Electronics of Silicon Valley. “This experience immerses users as they feel, hear and see their music.”

Alpine Headphone experience allows users to:

  • ? FEEL:Alpine’s patented TKR3 Full Frequency Immersion Technology delivers a unique sound field expansion that recreates a live event sensation so users can feel the beat in their core.
  • ? HEAR:Exceptional audio reproduction with user customizable sound settings.
  • ? SEE:Users can interact with music via Level Play iPhone App.

The Alpine Level Play App scans, analyzes, and organizes the listener’s music library into “energy” levels. At playback, Level Play presents the listener with a randomized song flow from a particular “energy” level that can be tuned according to listener’s taste.

“If users want something to listen to while they work out, a high energy level would be best, whereas if you are winding down the day with a yoga session, something more mellow would probably suit the user best,” said Yamasaki. “In addition, users can share their experience of the user with others to add a social component to the experience.”

Alpine Headphones have merged deep technology and organic lifestyle into the shape of the headphones. Mirroring the complex and repetitious patterns in music, Alpine Headphones’ headband and iconic diamond shape design are layered harmoniously with a bold and impactful presence. With the pulsing bass transducer at the top of the headband marked with a stripe of the Alpine logo, users can take pride in Alpine’s history in premium audio and enjoy the uniquely Alpine sound.

Specific features include:

? TKR3 Full Frequency Immersion Technology: Unique sound field expansion that recreates a live concert like listening experience
? 24-bit stereo audio analog-to-digital/digital-to-analog converter
? Powered Digital amplifiers
? 2 X 40 mm high performance drivers
? Fully programmable audio processing for separate bass and equalization
? Bluetooth Low Energy for easy-pairing with your iPhone device for user-programmable sound settings
? Level Play application, an application that scans, analyzes, and organizes the listener’s music library into “energy” levels. At Playback, Level Play presents the listener with a randomized song flow from a particular “energy” level
? Fixed rechargeable Li-ion battery with 10 hour capacity
? Dynamic circuitry allows for listening in case of fully depleted battery
? iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod ready audio cable with remote and microphone
? Available in Apollo White and Onyx Black
? Comes with: USB Charging cable, Audio Cable, and Headphone pouch

Pricing & Availability

Alpine Headphones are available now at all Apple retail stores and online on October 17th, 2014 at for a suggested retail price of $299. For more information, visit The headphones come with a USB charging cable, audio cable and headphone pouch. The app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

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About Alpine Electronics

Alpine Electronics is an automotive electronics manufacturer that provides consumers and leading auto makers with audio, video, navigation and driver assistance products. The company specializes in system integration solutions with innovative vehicle entertainment and information technologies.

In March of 2012, Alpine Electronics established Alpine Electronics of Silicon Valley Inc., to define app/cloud future for Alpine corporate and to identify new technologies, business models and processes.

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